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News and Events

  • How Do Shopping Trolley Wheels Lock?


    To understand how the shopping trolley wheels lock, it is important to take a general look at the system that avoids the theft of trolleys. This system works with a network that monitors the movement and brakes the wheels in the event of any form of theft. Read More

  • Have You Been Injured Because of A Shopping Cart?


    While we may be familiar with the shopping carts, most people may not be apprehensive of the fact that it may at some point get us injured. This may sound some kind of weird right? Yes, injuries may come in the form of manual handling of the device. Read More

  • Benefits of Plastic Shopping Baskets


    You might have observed recently while shopping in the grocery that most people no longer make use of the traditional steel made shopping baskets. Yes, it is almost becoming history. Even most supermarkets today do not make use of it any longer. Read More

  • Shopping Cart Loss And Theft- Prevent Loss At Your Store


    Anti-theft Cart Locks or Carts are the simplest, cheapest and most effective way to ensure the return of your shopping carts or trolleys and prevent the theft of your store baskets. Well established in Europe, this anti-theft method has proven itself and is used everywhere. Read More

  • Holiday Announcement of 2019 Spring Festival


    Chinese New Year’s holiday is coming, Yirunda Business Equipment Factory would like to inform value customers about the Chinese New Year’s Holiday 2019. Read More

  • Kid shopping carts design has been a new challenge for the manufacturer


    Shopping is one activity that brings a whole lot of fun and joy to the family most especially when the interest of every member of the family is featured in everything shopped. Of a greater dimension of fun is the little ones in the family having their own shopping cart to push around instead of trying to share the heavier and taller wheel of the bigger shopping cart found in the supermarket and shopping malls. Read More

  • How to Clean the Plastic Shopping Cart Well


    Making your plastic shopping cart neat and hygienic should be a paramount thing in the mind of supermarket owners as well as shoppers. Shopping carts are essential means of transporting our groceries, fruits, and other products we purchase in the supermarket. Read More

  • Supermarket equipment: business and trend


    As more and more modern consumers demand a high level of transparency from supermarkets that create and sell the items they purchase, there is a need for grocery store entrepreneurs to keep up to the pace. This means that entrepreneurs have to meet up with customer's standards by making sound business decisions. Read More

  • What Factors Can Affect The Logistic Warehouse Trolley Lifetime?


    Logistic warehouse trolleys are the common equipments that are used for transporting heavy loads in warehouse and distribution environment. They are efficiently used for carrying heavy items quicker and faster. Warehouse logistic trolleys are built in different shapes, sizes, and designs, offering u Read More

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