Difference Between Asian Shopping Cart and European Shopping Cart

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Shopping carts are essential items at every grocery store. There are different types of shopping carts that include plastic shopping carts, metal shopping carts, rolling containers, and logistic trolleys for warehouses. But from Asia to Europe, and America, these shopping carts look the same. I mean there could be a little design difference but apparently, they all have wheels, handles, and the need to push them along wherever you go in the supermarket.

But still many people are confused with European shopping cart and Asian supermarket shopping trolley. Well, contrary to popular belief, both are the same but there is a difference in the local language. In Asian or American supermarkets, the term shopping cart refers to an open, small, and wheeled vehicle that is drawn while you shop. This shopping cart is different from the basic translation of a cart that is drawn through animals or by people. The same thing is called different in Europe. The European shopping cart is actually a supermarket shopping trolley. It is the same thing with open, small, and a wheeled vehicle that is pushed around in grocery stores and supermarkets.

Lately, with the digital world blasting into an online bazaar, the term shopping cart has become a norm almost in every country. A cart is a safe place where one can review his or her items before actually buying them. So, if you think you have done any impulsive shopping, by reviewing the cart you can skip some items and only buy the ones that are important.

The shopping cart term is now a defaulted term on online shopping websites. The Amazon and Zappos made this term familiar in the late 90s by adding the option of a shopping cart on their websites. The shopping cart term is also American so the brands that are American based or sell globally opt for the term shopping cart instead of a supermarket shopping trolley.

If you are an online shopper, you would know that there are some websites that use the term bag or basket instead of a cart. Especially, in the case of apparel and fashion, the term bag is used. For instance, Macy has been using the bag instead of a cart and Apple seems to be following their footstep by changing from cart to bag. This is also because of cultural or local things that people often use familiar words on their website to facilitate their target customers.

shopping cart

Which term should you use to form your online website or for the supermarket?

Now you might be confused as to what would be the perfect term for your online store or for the supermarket. Well, there is no specific rule to opt for any one of these mentioned terms. So, you can choose the shopping cart, shopping trolley, bag, or basket whatever you like. The only concern is to meet the mental level of the user through engaging and familiar wording. Because if the users don’t find your website or supermarket familiar or according to his/her needs, they will go to another.


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