How to treat the shared shopping cart?

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Recently, a shared shopping cart appeared in Xi’an. Promoter Gao Yunfei believes that "shared shopping cart" is in need. Most citizens purchase more in supermarkets. The shared shopping cart is to solve the short-distance load of citizens.


The usage method of the shared shopping cart is basically the same as that of the shared bicycle. Paying a deposit and charging 1 yuan per hour, the citizen can push it back to the neighbourhood. At present, the project is still in the pilot stage. A total of 50 vehicles were put into operation in the trial operation of three days, distributed in 10 supermarkets in Xi'an. During the trial operation, no deposit and no charge are required.


Relative to the flamboyant goods of sharing mazars, sharing chargers, sharing umbrellas and sharing baby strollers, sharing a shopping cart is a fresh stream in the sharing wave. The founder believes that most citizens purchase more goods in supermarkets, and sharing a shopping cart is to solve the pain point of citizens' short-distance weight bearing.

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Citizens' short-range weight-bearing is really in need, and the scene mentioned by the founder also exists. For example, we do a lot of shopping in the supermarkets, and we directly use a shopping cart to go home. That is, the cart goes directly to the elevator and gets home in a row. The road is far for walking, driving is actually the same, This distance from the supermarket to the parking lot also needs a vehicle such as a shopping cart.


As a vehicle, the shared shopping cart is still widely used in short-distance transportation. There are many application scenarios for vehicles such as shared shopping carts:


Firstly, for backpackers; all bags are all put together and a lot easier to carry.


Secondly, It can also be used to walk the dog especially when the dog is tired and people do not want to carry it.


Thirdly, for moving goods; this is much applied in daily lives. At present, Jingdong uses small carts to send things into neighbourhood.


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