Precautions for shopping cart with baby

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Many parents like to take their children to the supermarket for shopping. The supermarket also provides a shopping cart with baby seats. Adults often think that it is safe and reassuring to let their children sit on the shopping cart when they go to the supermarket, but there are certain hidden dangers in the shopping cart. Parents must take safety precautions. If they don't pay attention to the details, it may cause harm to their children. Then, what are the precautions for taking their baby to the supermarket to take the shopping cart?


1. Pay attention to check the quality of supermarket shopping cart, especially the quality of baby seat, the structure, load-bearing capacity of shopping cart seat, the flexibility and inclination of the shopping cart, etc. Make sure the cart is safe, and then let the child sit on the cart seat.


2. The space of the shopping cart seat should be suitable for your baby. For example, the space of the shopping cart seat is narrow and small, but the child is overweight, so the child is easy to get stuck. If the space is too large and the child is relatively small, sitting on the seat cannot get child protected.


3. Do not put children in the shopping cart frame to avoid the danger of children's independent activities when adults are shopping.


4. Don't let the baby stand in the shopping cart, especially the older child. When pulling the shopping cart or baby's activities, it is easy to cause the child's center of gravity to be unstable and fall down, or even turn over from the shopping cart.

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5. Don't let the baby pick up the gap of the shopping cart with his fingers and toes to prevent the baby from getting stuck with his hands, toes or being scratched by metal.


6. When the baby sits on the shopping cart, remind him to put his hands on the armrest in front of his chest at all times, and never put his hands on both sides of the shopping cart to prevent the baby's hands from being scratched and injured by other shopping carts.


7. When there is a shopping cart passing by, pay attention to the baby's hands and feet at all times to prevent the baby from not paying attention to his activities, and his hands and feet are caught by the passing shopping cart.


8. Don't let the baby grasp the goods on the shopping shelf by himself, especially the high and messy shopping shelf, so as to prevent the goods on the shelf from falling and hitting the baby when the baby grabs.


9. Children need to take a safety belt when they take the car. If the shopping cart is not equipped, parents can tie their waist to the shopping cart with the scarf they carry with them, so as to prevent them from turning over the cart without safety awareness.


10. Don't let the baby push the shopping cart by himself. The baby's height is limited. Because the shopping cart can't see the front, it is easy to bump into people or things.


11. Parents should not be careless when shopping, do not put their children on the shopping cart to shop at will, do not leave the children alone, and ensure that the children are always in their own sight to prevent the loss of the baby.



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