Common Classification of Supermarket Shopping Basket

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Our lives would not be the same if there were not those great tools that facilitate some daily activities. Going to the supermarket sometimes causes headaches and back pain, because sometimes we have to carry heavy bags that can hurt or even break. To ensure this does not happen, we bring you the different types of shopping baskets that will help you carry everything you have purchased in the grocery.

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American Shopping basket, Japanese Shopping basket, European style shopping basket, and so on.

European shopping basket is divided into two major categories: the pallet shopping basket and the bracket type shopping basket.

Depending on the type of material they are made of, the Shopping baskets can also be classified into the following.

The plastic shopping basket.

The metallic shopping basket.

The fabric-made shopping baskets.

While each of these types of shopping baskets have their different features, the plastic type shopping basket exercises some advantages over the others.

Let’s look at these advantages.

Advantages of the plastic shopping basket over other types:


It does not rust

The plastic shopping basket entirely made of plastic. This feature makes it an ideal supermarket basket for areas with an aggressive climate (places where it rains or snows a lot, shops near the coast) where metal and hybrid carts suffer greatly from oxidation.



Since it does not rust, the plastic shopping basket lasts longer than other hybrid carts. It is manufactured following the strictest quality controls. In addition, it has a very low theft rate and always works correctly.


Light and easy chain transport.

Another advantage of the plastic shopping basket is its stability and lightness. It provides the ease in chain transport as it provides to the operators in charge of managing the collection of the cars, their maintenance and making them available to customers.


Non-deformable, wheels always well aligned and uniform fit.

This type of shopping basket has the property of being elastic and able to keep its original shape. This way, the plastic bucket will always maintain the shape of both the chassis and the basket in case of shock or fatigue caused during use. They will always fit some carts with each other and will roll with all the wheels perfectly aligned with the ground and with each other, avoiding the annoying diagonal advance characteristic of supermarket carts with metal chassis.

This feature, together with its low weight, results in offering customers a better shopping experience, helping them to stay longer in the store and, consequently, inviting them to purchase a greater number of items.


plastic shopping basket

The common classifications of the supermarket shopping baskets helps you when you’re looking for the best to provide you with the best shopping experience.

However, as a business owner who wants to improve customer experience, it is essential to purchase the best quality product for your supermarket or grocery.

One way to achieve this is by liaising with reputable shopping basket suppliers. By doing so, you ensure that your shopping baskets are top notch and able to provide the needed support for those items purchased by your shoppers.




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