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Tel : +86-13506249243
Email : sales2@csyirunda.com
Position: Sales manager 
Job advantage: I cooperated with many big distributors and famous supermarket chains all over the world successfully by 10 years working experience in YIRUNDA. Be capable of communicating with customers and negociation.
Tel : +86-15851589572
Email : sales6@csyirunda.com
Position: Foreign trade salesman
Job advantage: More than 7 years export business experience,familiar with all procudures of export, positive attitude always to work and life, provide professional service to European customers.
Tel : +86-15051499798
Email : sales5@csyirunda.com
Position: Foreign trade salesman
Job advantage: I engaged in Foreign trade documents for 3 years before worked in YIRUNDA , by now, i am focusing on customers from Australia and Canada.
Tel : +86-13776212522
Email : lance@csyirunda.com
Position: Foreign trade salesman
Job advantage: I studied in Australia around 5 years with excellent English speaking,reading and written, customers i served are mostly from middle east and middle of Asia.
Tel : +86-13776206520
Email : sales16@csyirunda.com
Position: Foreign trade salesman
Job advantage: I am working hard and able to reply customer’s email on time, i got many orders successfully last two years.
ADD: JinYang Road ,Wengzhuang 
Industrial Park,LIantang Twon ,
Changshu city,Jiangsu Province,
Tel: +86-139-1363-0594
Fax: +86-512-5243 8137
Email: yrd@csyirunda.com

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