Cleaning and Disinfection for Shopping Carts in Supermarkets

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The importance of cleaning and disinfection for shopping carts

Supermarket as one of the most popular places in downtown, is considered the spot place that with the largest visitor volume in the city. And as many shopping cart manufacturers know,there exist a potential risk for people in the spot place to be infected by infectious disease. Therefore, the cleaning and disinfection is very necessary to be used in shopping mall and supermarket, to avoid the spread of disease and virus, and enhance the public health. Especially through experiencing Corvid -19 that broke out in China in the first quarter of 2020, people ought to be taught a lesson, to think highly of the cleaning and disinfection in the daily care of supermarket. And shopping cart, one of the most important components in supermarket, almost every customer needs to touch when using it in the supermarket, should be considered the most needed one, to has a cleaning and disinfection system.  

cleaning for shopping cart

How to clean and disinfect the shopping carts

The shopping carts that are provided by the supermarket should be clean and disinfect in each day, and the management should allocate this work to a specialized staff in the 

supermarket. Specially, the carts should be cleaned at least three times a day and be disinfect at least twice a day, and the disinfection could be better to do in the morning before the opening of the supermarket and at night after it close.


If the shopping cart and basket have obvious stains, they shall be cleaned and disinfected in time before they are put into use. The cleaning water shall meet the national standard of drinking water. The detergent and disinfectant shall be harmless to human health.


Not only the cleaning and disinfection should be done by the specialized staff, but also the daily cleaning process should be under the supervising. Moreover, once the disinfection be done, the staff should take the record of the cleaning and disinfection on a card, which helps to reflect the real time situation to the customers, and also helps to notice the process to the other staffs.  


The special care during common health accidents for example during Corvid-19 period.

To talk about the special care during common health accidents, like the flu of Corvid-19 that happened worldwide, the management should be more careful about their cleaning and disinfections of the carts in supermarket and take some additional measures. 

Except to accomplish the daily cleaning and disinfections process of the carts, supermarkets have the responsibility to provide hand sanitizers to the customers. They can offer the hand sanitizer in circulation desk, cashier or carts-returning spot. It would be convenient for customers to clean their hands after touching the handle of the shopping carts. Additionally, some slogans about protective measures during flu season could be put on the shopping carts, to raise the public awareness as well as increase the knowledge of protective measures.


At last but not least, the numbers of cleaning and disinfection of the shopping carts should be increase in every two hours, and all these above measures should be implemented in the supermarket. 


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