Why Is the Wheels of Supermarket Shopping Cart Can Rotate Freely?

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The supermarket trolley manufacturer will share with you, let us first understand the history of wheel development. Throughout the history of human development, people have created many great inventions, and these great inventions have changed our lives.

One of them is the supermarket hand-pushing wheels. The grocery trucks we travel every day rely on wheels for transportation. Now it is difficult to verify who invented the wheel, but what is certain is that the invention of the wheel is a slow and long evolutionary process. Initially, it was found that the labor required for rolling was less than the labor required for sliding.

People put the logs under heavy load and transport them through the rolling of the logs, and then inspired the logs to invent the wheels. The wheels should appear at the same time as the car.

the Wheels of Supermarket Shopping Cart

Since a single wheel is useless, combining multiple wheels with the axle can fully play its role. It is difficult to assume that humans did not invent the wheel, whether it is ancient or modern, what our society will be like.

The emergence of wheels allows humans not only to travel long distances, but also to transport heavier objects farther away. Through commercial activities, large cities have been developed.

During the development of supermarket trolley wheels, it was found that the wheels can only travel in a straight line, and it is difficult to change the direction when carrying heavy objects.

Therefore, people invented wheels with steering structure, namely casters. The invention of casters greatly improved the handling efficiency. With the development of industry, it has been more and more widely used, becoming one of the indispensable parts.

Casters include casters, fixed casters and castors with brakes. The movable caster is what we call the universal wheel, it can rotate 360 °. Usually, two casters are used together.

There are four casters under the supermarket trolley or airport trolley. All four casters are casters. If you observe carefully, you will find that the axis of the caster and the main body is not fixed, but can rotate freely about the vertical axis.

If the axle is fixed to the body, the casters can only travel straight ahead, while the car cannot turn. In addition, you will find that when you push the cart, the wheels of the casters always follow the axis of rotation.

If you change from front to back, the wheels of the casters will suddenly rotate 180 ° around the vertical axis, or the wheels will still move along the axis of rotation. Generally, the rolling direction of the caster must be the same as the forward direction to make the shopping cart move smoothly.

Once the rolling direction of the caster is inconsistent with the body's advancing direction, friction on the ground will generate torque on the vertical rotation axis and push the caster to a position that matches the walking direction.

The manufacture of shopping carts is an amazing process. There are great projects that can be used to build simple items that we use every time we are in the mall.


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