How to Choose a Fashionable and Practical Supermarket Shopping Cart?

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With a large number of foreign-funded enterprises pouring into the north and south of China, it not only promotes our economic development, but also brings new technology. With the continuous production and capacity expansion of enterprises, the standardization and efficiency of enterprises' products are naturally on the agenda. Supermarket shopping cart is an important tool for shopping modernization and efficiency improvement, so shopping cart industry has emerged and the number of supermarket shopping cart for sale increased. European shopping cart is divided into 60L, 80L, 100L, 125L, 150L, etc. according to the most commonly used volume. Supermarket shopping cart can be divided into two categories: European shopping cartand Japanese shopping cart. European shopping cart can be divided into two categories: the first one is bracket shopping cart, the second one is pallet shopping cart.

Bracket shopping cart

The frame type shopping basket is made of cold-rolled steel wire, and the surface treatment of the car body is similar to that of stainless steel. Plus polyurethane wheels make our shopping cart more prominent in shopping. The scaffolding shopping cartis evolved from the American shopping cart. Its basic functions are relatively similar, and most of them are found in small supermarkets.


Pallet shopping cart

Pallet shopping cart, commonly known as "American shopping cart", has three functions. First, the basket has a place for children to sit, so that it is convenient for women or people with children to shop. Second, the volume in the frame can improve more and larger supermarket goods. Third, there is a place for shopping basket under the car body. Compared with American style shopping carts, the number of goods placed in other shopping carts is far less.


Japanese shopping cart

There is no special volume division for the Japanese shopping cart. The common one is the shopping iron frame on the car body frame, and the shopping basket tray is placed below. The feature is that shopping cart and shopping basket can be used at the same time, and the disadvantage is that the storage of goods is worse than European shopping.

Many new buyers will encounter all kinds of problems in choosing models. What size car is the most suitable one

shopping cart

Common brands of large supermarkets in China: Wal Mart, Auchan, RT mart, Metro, etc

Shopping malls usually choose models with large capacity. There are many kinds of products in large supermarkets, and consumers will buy more and more in the face of a wide range of products unconsciously. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a shopping cartwith large capacity. The model selection is generally 150-240 liters.


With the rapid economic development in China, the number of small and medium-sized supermarkets has exceeded ten thousand in ten years.

Small supermarket products mainly include small food, daily necessities, fresh products, etc.

There are not many kinds of goods in the supermarket. The capacity of the model is between 60-125l.

Considering the large size of shopping cart, the area of small supermarket varies from 300-5000 square meters.

The applicable model and quantity shall be purchased according to the actual situa


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