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Hot News

  • Have You Been Injured Because of A Shopping Cart?


    While we may be familiar with the shopping carts, most people may not be apprehensive of the fact that it may at some point get us injured. This may sound some kind of weird right? Yes, injuries may come in the form of manual handling of the device. Read More

  • Supermarket equipment: business and trend


    As more and more modern consumers demand a high level of transparency from supermarkets that create and sell the items they purchase, there is a need for grocery store entrepreneurs to keep up to the pace. This means that entrepreneurs have to meet up with customer's standards by making sound business decisions. Read More

  • What Factors Can Affect The Logistic Warehouse Trolley Lifetime?


    Logistic warehouse trolleys are the common equipments that are used for transporting heavy loads in warehouse and distribution environment. They are efficiently used for carrying heavy items quicker and faster. Warehouse logistic trolleys are built in different shapes, sizes, and designs, offering u Read More

  • Is there any revolution on kids shopping cart design?


    Is there any revolution on kids shopping cart design?It doesn’t matter what it is called—shopping cart, trolley, or buggy—there have been significant revolutions that the conventional basket-on-wheels has come to mean much more than just the easy movement of items in the shopping mall, particularly Read More

  • Uses of The Rolling Containers


    USES OF THE ROLLING CONTAINERToday, the rolling containers have become essential aspects of logistics both internal and external. Rolling containers offer better options and a more economical means of transport in various industrial sectors such as the warehouse, laundries or courier, delivery of fr Read More

  • No Dogs in Shopping Carts – Publix Enforcing Service Pet Policies


    For dog lovers, a bad news from Florida Shopping Law agencies has aired in the market that says, "No dogs are allowed in the shopping neither in the shopping places as long as he/she is a trained service dog and helps the disable person in walking". Read More

  • All You Need to Know about Shopping Carts and Baskets


    A shopping basket or cart is a small type of truck provided by a shop, particularly general stores, for use by clients inside the shop for transport of stock to the checkout counter amid shopping. Read More

  • Stolen Shopping Baskets – No Reason to Panic


    One of the shop owners’ nightmare is the issue of cart theft, you will be shocked when you read the statistics and records of cart that are been stolen every day. Ok, so let me guess, you don’t know what shopping carts are. These are supplied by stores for your (customer) use. It is used to collect merchandise. Read More

  • How to Communicate the Brand Value of Your Store or Supermarket?


    Have you started out a new business? Are your sales not showing a significant increase in revenue? Do you always suffer in communicating the brand value of your store? Well, follow me through this post and I’ll show you some tactics and ethical ways to engage customers better than your competitor. Read More

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