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  • How to treat the shared shopping cart?


    Recently, a shared shopping cart appeared in Xi’an. Promoter Gao Yunfei believes that "shared shopping cart" is in need. Most citizens purchase more in supermarkets. The shared shopping cart is to solve the short-distance load of citizens. The usage method of the shared shopping cart is basically t Read More

  • Difference Between Asian Shopping Cart and European Shopping Cart


    Shopping carts are essential items at every grocery store. There are different types of shopping carts that include plastic shopping carts, metal shopping carts, rolling containers, and logistic trolleys for warehouses. But from Asia to Europe, and America, these shopping carts look the same. I mean Read More

  • How to Choose a Fashionable and Practical Supermarket Shopping Cart?


    With a large number of foreign-funded enterprises pouring into the north and south of China, it not only promotes our economic development, but also brings new technology. With the continuous production and capacity expansion of enterprises, the standardization and efficiency of enterprises' product Read More

  • Wal-Mart’s Shopping Basket Analysis System


    Wal-Mart's shopping basket analysis plays a significant role in the making of the functioning aspect of the firm. The results which came out after using the shopping basket analysis offer a concrete evidence of excellent services and content for promotion inside these stores. It also is very useful Read More

  • The "little bump design" of Shopping Cart Has Hidden Function


    Whenever anyone visits the store, they usually like to carry a shopping cart with them for ease in use. This way one can handle a lot of purchases. If you are sharp enough to observe closely, you will notice that these shopping carts have a bump on them. There are all sorts of carts, so it is possib Read More

  • Cleaning and Disinfection for Shopping Carts in Supermarkets


    The importance of cleaning and disinfection for shopping carts. Read More

  • Who invented the shopping trolley?


    Today, I will talk about a great invention that is most easily overlooked in the history of business. It is also a super explosive product-a supermarket shopping cart. Few have invented such a deep understanding of users' consumption habits. We never seem to pay attention to the history of shopping Read More

  • Boost Your Sales At Christmas With Large Shopping Carts


    Shopping carts are present in all big and small stores. These carts are of great importance. With the help of these carts, the consumers can easily purchase a number of items without getting tired. They can put the required items in the carts and move freely into the store. Read More

  • How Can People In Wheelchairs Have A Better Shopping Experience?


    People across the world want to have the best shopping experience. However, only healthy people can have a better shopping experience. The people who have any disability cannot do shopping properly. Many stores do not focus on disabled people due to which the disabled people have to face problems. Read More

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