Robots Can really replace the shopping carts ?

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Walmart would like to introduce the robots follow the shoppers when they shopping , they are slowly changing the shopping experience as consumers do not see ever before .


The robots can do storage warehouses and pick items,even the  transportation , we have all walked around the Walmart ,wandering in the rows of racks with the shopping carts , this is a part of shopping experience we had always , Walmart is changing the habits slowly and replacing the humble shopping carts with a robot . Robots can keep eyes on you and even you pushing them away they’ll instead follow you ,then leave both your hands be free to handle the shelves , you can tell them which aisle should go and which items you want in her interface .help you to locate the stuff ,it can both  save the time that look for a employee to help and consumers themselves shopping time.


The budget for one robot is high , and a few of manufacturers of shopping carts embracing the technology of shopping robots , YIRUNDA has committed to reach this technology in the near future.

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