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Company News

  • Yirunda Business Equipment Finished Attending Canton Fair Successfully


    Good news! Changshu Yirunda Business Equipment Company finished attending Canton Fair in October. We had our booth there and professional workers of Yirunda made specific introduction about our company and products. During the exhibition time, we knew so many people from all over the word and many Read More

  • Yirunda New Products will be Online Soon


    Yirunda is a professional shopping carts manufacturer. Over the years, we have focused on allowing our customers to enjoy our fast and professional service, while also allowing customers to enjoy the convenience of shopping carts when shopping in the supermarket. Read More

  • Is it Right that a Grown Adult Ride in Shopping Cart?


    When it comes to the shopping cart, the design is in such a way that it should be handled and operated safely. It is primarily built for the transportation of goods purchased in the retail store. Any other use that is contrary to what the shopping cart is primarily designed for could lead to its damage an even becoming unsafe. Read More

  • Why Shopping Carts Are Important?


    As shoppers walk through each aisle, they keep depositing what they have written down in a list into this "super shopping cart", and also those items that perhaps were not contemplated, for some reason along with those that are really needed.While for the shopper, the shopping cart is merely equipment to aid the transport of items, to the retailers it represents one of the biggest allies and key elements. Read More

  • Shopping Cart Loss And Theft- Prevent Loss At Your Store


    Anti-theft Cart Locks or Carts are the simplest, cheapest and most effective way to ensure the return of your shopping carts or trolleys and prevent the theft of your store baskets. Well established in Europe, this anti-theft method has proven itself and is used everywhere. Read More

  • Holiday Announcement of 2019 Spring Festival


    Chinese New Year’s holiday is coming, Yirunda Business Equipment Factory would like to inform value customers about the Chinese New Year’s Holiday 2019.

    Read More

  • Remarkable Shopping Baskets: Remarkable Experiences


    Like most other people, you might be underestimating the potential of shopping baskets. But in actual, they should not be taken for granted. Shopping baskets play an essential role in our routines by serving like best companions in our purchase hours. Read More

  • Is shopping carts falling down with the e-commerce springing?


    The shopping experience of consumers has changed ever since the advent of the internet and the smartphone. Many applications like E-bay and Amazon offer shoppers the option to shop online without leaving their homes. Other retail giants like Woolworths, K-Mart, TJ Maxx and many more have joined in t Read More

  • Self driving shopping carts can improve the shopping efficiency?


    No more low-tech pushing is needed with the new self-driving shopping carts that follow the customer around. On Apr. 17, E-Mart revealed a new self-driving smart shopping cart at the Hanam, Gyeonggi Province branch of its warehouse-style discount chain Traders. The cart, dubbed "Eli," will be used t Read More

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