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You are here: Home » News » Hot News » What Factors Can Affect The Logistic Warehouse Trolley Lifetime?

What Factors Can Affect The Logistic Warehouse Trolley Lifetime?

Views:961     Author:YIRUNDA     Publish Time: 2018-11-22      Origin:Site

Logistic warehouse trolleys are the common equipments that are used for transporting heavy loads in warehouse and distribution environment. They are efficiently used for carrying heavy items quicker and faster. Warehouse logistic trolleys are built in different shapes, sizes, and designs, offering users with a wide range of options.

There are different types of logistic warehouse trolleys, these include:

  1. Handy trolley

  2. Platform Trolley

  3. Cage trolley

  4. Wagon trolley and,

  5. Shelf trolley

Logistic warehouse trolleys are built strong and are expected to last for a lifetime. They are designed to provide long-lasting transportation flow in the world of logistics. However, the lifetime of these trolleys can be affected by some factors which make them susceptible to damage faster.

The factors that affect the lifetime of a trolley are different and vary from one trolley to another. Below are some of the factors that may affect the lifetime of logistic warehouse trolleys.

Overloading – The hand trolley has a strong back, a base, and two solid wheels. They are mostly recommended for transporting not so heavy items over a short distance. This type of trolleys cannot be used for heavy duty job because they cannot support a great amount of weight. Also, overloading such trolley can affect its lifetime.

Water or moist air –  Most warehouse trolleys are made from steel and this means that when they come in contact with water or moist air they can begin to rust. In order to ensure that warehouse trolleys last longer,  they should prevented from coming in contact with water. In addition, whenever they are wet, they should properly dried and kept safe in an open place.

Repairs – All trolleys are made up of separate component parts and damages can occur to the individual component parts. If repairs are not promptly and correctly carried out on any damage component part, the lifetime of the trolley may be affected.

Failure to replace damaged component parts with the right one can also affect the lifetime of trolleys. It is important that all repairs are carried out correctly and on time by qualified personnel.

High Speed – This is another factor that can limit the lifetime of logistic warehouse trolleys. Pushing or pulling the trolleys with high speed can damage the solid wheels or castors. With high speed, the screws in the castors tend to loosen gradually and once this happens, the trolley begins to lose its integrity.

Obstacles – If warehouse trolleys are hit against obstacles, it may lead to breakage of the component parts. This also affects the integrity of the trolley. You should always ensure the path of the trolley is free from any obstruction or obstacle.

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