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10 shopping suggestions to housewife who go shopping with a baby

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It is common to see many parents like to take their children to the supermarket for shopping, The supermarket is also friendly to provide a shopping cart with baby seats. Parents take it granted that when they doing shopping in supermarket, their children will sit on the shopping cart safely and securely, they overlook the certain hidden dangers about the shopping carts can bring. If attention is not paid to shopping details, it may cause harm to children. 

What are the precautions for bringing a baby to a supermarket for shopping?

  1. Pay attention to check the quality of the supermarket shopping cart, especially the baby seat part of trolley, shopping cart structure, bearing capacity, the car's flexibility, tilt, etc., to ensure that the car is safe and then put the children into shopping cart seat

  2. The baby seat of shopping cart space must suit your baby size. if the shopping cart seat space is smaller than child's body size, so the child is easy to be got stucked ; if the space is bigger than baby size, sitting in the chair will not be protected well.

  3. Do not put your child in the shopping cart box directly that will cause the child's own free activities, it is dangerous.

  4. Do not let the baby stand in the shopping cart, especially for the older child, it will cause  child lost gravity to fall down when you push the shopping carts, even flipped out from the shopping cart.

  5. Preventing your baby to use fingers, toes to buckle the gap in the shopping cart from  fringers and toes got scratches by metal.

  6. Keeping remind the baby to put his hands on the arm of the chest, do not put a hands on both sides of the shopping cart, to prevent the baby's hand from coming and going shopping cart injury.

  7. Pay attention to the baby's hands and feet when there is a shopping cart passing around to prevent the baby feets get caught by the passing shopping cart.


  8. Do not let the baby grab the goods by themselves, especially for the relatively high, messy shopping rack, to prevent the baby be hit by shelves or goods.

  9. Infant baby needs to reinforce a seat belt when shopping in the shopping cart. If the shopping cart is not equipped, you can use your portable scarf to tie your baby's waist to the shopping cart to prevent your baby from having a sense of safety and inadvertently turning it over. shopping cart.

  10. Do not let the baby push shopping cart, baby can not see the people and shopping carts since baby's height is limited, it is easy to hit people or knock things.

For shopping carts manufacturer, they should make special kid shopping carts in plastic or metal, equiped the tie in the baby seat for parents to use. and shopping carts designs should be more ergonomics。

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