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Yirunda New Products will be Online Soon

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Yirunda is a professional shopping carts manufacturer. Over the years, we have focused on allowing our customers to enjoy our fast and professional service, while also allowing customers to enjoy the convenience of shopping carts when shopping in the supermarket. So while the company is growing rapidly, we are always researching new products and our requirements for product quality are becoming more and more strict.

This time, we will release the latest products developed by our company, shopping cart.

About this product, it is a new attempt for many regions and markets, but we are very optimistic about the shopping cart project. Due to the improvement of people's living standards, we believe that this product will occupy the entire market. 

plastic shopping cart

So what are the advantages and features of this product? Let’s take a look.

1.Self-service settlement

Simple and easy to operate

High efficiency of settlement

Save time by scanning the code throughout the shopping process

No intervention in the whole process, the user experience is good

2.Anti-cheating system

Machine vision, precise monitoring,information is received synchronously to prevent theft

Deep learning anti-fraud/recognition technology

3.No need to queue

Intelligent gate system, fast settlement

5 seconds per pass through the gate

4.data collection

Quickly collect customer photos and preferences

Manage product categories and analyze promotional effects

Optimize product structure and increase supermarket profit

Help supermarkets make scientific decisions

shopping trolley system can help supermarkets significantly reduce labor costs, improve efficiency and solve the pain points of consumers queuing in supermarkets, and we also offer the following services:

1.Store deployment 

Help customers install indoor positioning system

Install wifi or 4g communication

2.Smart gate deployment

Help customers install smart gate system

3.Interfacing with the supermarket system

Docking supermarket product information

Docking member information and coupon information

4.Smart shopping cart deployment

Install automatic charging system

Monitor and maintain shopping carts

We would like to cooperate with clients to develop long-term steady business relationships.

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