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What are the recycling and precautions of shopping cart?

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A shopping cart refers to a type of shopping equipment that we use to shop in the supermarket. It is an indispensable tool in our lives. Using a shopping cart when shopping in the supermarket can increase the demand of buyers on the one hand. Here are some classifications for shopping trolley.


With the influx of foreign-funded enterprises into our country, it has not only driven our economic development, but also brought new technologies. With the company's continuous increase in production and capacity expansion, the company's product standardization and efficiency also naturally come up on the agenda. The supermarket shopping cart is an important tool for shopping modernization and efficiency improvement, so the shopping cart industry has emerged as the times require. European-style shopping carts are divided into 60L, 80L, 100L, 125L, 150L and so on according to the most used volume. Shopping carts are divided into two categories: common ones are European-style shopping carts and Japanese-style shopping carts.


shopping trolley

The support type shopping cart

The bracket type shopping cart basket is made of cold-rolled steel wire, and the surface of the car body is plated and like stainless steel. Coupled with polyurethane wheels, our shopping cart is more prominent in shopping. The stent-type shopping cart evolved from the American-style shopping cart, and the basic functions are relatively similar, which are more common in small supermarkets.

Japanese shopping cart

There is no special volume division for Japanese-style shopping carts. It is common to use a shopping iron frame on the body frame, and a tray for shopping baskets below. The feature is that the shopping cart and shopping basket can be used at the same time, the disadvantage is that the storage of goods is worse than European shopping.

The tray shopping cart

The tray shopping cart is commonly known as the "American shopping cart". The car body has three functions. First, there is a place for children in the basket, which is convenient for women or people with children to shop. Second, the volume in the frame can be increased. Place supermarket goods. Third, there is a place for shopping baskets under the car body. In this regard, the number of items placed in other shopping carts is far less than that in American shopping carts.


Shopping cart recycling and precautions

1. The designated storage location is clearly marked, and the marketing department publishes a "Welcome to Shopping Cart and Proper Use of Trolley" notice.

2. When transporting the shopping cart from outside the store to the designated storage place, the cleaning shall be bundled with no more than 10 cables (appropriately reduced according to the actual situation of the store). During the transportation of the escalator, the cleaning will be supervised by a person to maintain a certain distance from the customer.

3. Before closing the business every day, check the shopping cart for cleaning and loss prevention on duty and for damage prevention. All the shopping carts have been collected and stored in the designated storage area at the customer entrance. During the business period, the number of non-recycled shopping vehicles will not exceed 5, and the weekends and holidays will not exceed 10.

4. Do not store the shopping cart up and down the elevator entrance, it must be cleaned in time. The storage of the shopping cart shall not affect the fire access and fire protection facilities.

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