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The Influence of Shopping Trolley on Customer’s Behaviour in the Supermarket

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The retail sector is one of the most competitive sectors that face different challenges. The main challenge that it faces is taking care of its customers. For those purposes, they have to do everything in their power to make their store likeable, like having up to date and original products. For customers ease, they must have shopping trolleys, have a welcoming décor and systematic aisles, fixtures such as lighting and fans etc.


Every point mentioned above influences the customer's behaviour.

Specific and choosy:

A supermarket is known for its variety of different products. Thus, they are visited either when people have to go grocery shopping or party shopping. With no shopping trolleys in a supermarket to help the customers, the customers become very specific with what they buy as everything won't fit in their arms. This can be a loss for the supermarket in two ways;

· Losing customers to the supermarket which has the facility.

· Loss of money.

Fear of pickpockets:

Supermarkets, as I mentioned earlier, are places where you get almost every product or anything that you want. From cosmetics to food, it's all there thus such places tend to get crowded, and crowd means a pass for thieves to shop, for free. But a shopping trolley helps regain a shopper’s mobility. Also, shopping trolley has space to keep your bags, phones, wallets by which you can keep an eye on your belongings.

Unattended shopping trolleys:

If shopping trolleys are left unattended, they can distract the customers from shopping. Unattended trolleys can also cause unwanted crowd, which can be a notable inconvenience to the customers.

Crowd forming:

People generally dislike crowds as people like to shop in peace without any distractions. A crowd does not only distract people, but it also causes discomfort for-example hinders the movement and people accidentally touch, bump one another or brush against one another which is an inconvenience to the customers as people generally don’t like being touched, bumped or brushed against thus they don’t continue shopping in that place anymore.

Allows you to analyse product:

 A shopping trolley allows you to keep your belongings inside it, which allows your hands to be free and your mind at ease as you can see your belongings. With free hands, the customers can touch and analyse their desired product and be fully satisfied.

Shopping trolley VS shopping basket:

These both serve the same purpose, yet one is liked more and used more than the other. Why, you ask? Because when a shopping basket is full, it weighs and it's difficult for some people to carry. A shopping trolley is not only easy to “carry” as it has tires, but it lets the customers shop easily as one of their hand is free to shop and skim through the products.


Shops with shopping trolleys are more visited than those without shopping trolleys as they are more convenient for people.

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