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Shopping Carts - Good For Sellers And Buyers

Views:324     Author:yirunda     Publish Time: 2019-06-05      Origin:Site

The shopping carts offer multiple benefits to both supermarkets and their customers.

Advantages for the Supermarket to the sellers

The shopping cart is the most important tool that the Supermarket makes available to the customer to make their purchases. For this reason, this market trolley carts offer full of advantages, can bring important benefits to supermarkets.


Reduced Theft Index

The supermarket chains are aware of the enormous annual cost derived from the high rate of vanishing of shopping cart that occurs in their centers. This disappearance of supermarket trolleys has several aspects that affect differently in terms of percentage over the shopping cart cost involved.


One side is the specific disappearances due to customers who do not return the market trolley cart because they use it to transport their purchase to their home, which is usually close to the center, to use it again another day.

Another cause of disappearances is due to specific subtraction of supermarket trolleys to be used in neighboring communities to increase the purchase from the garages to the houses. The use of shopping carts by homeless individuals who use them to transport their belongings or other people who take advantage of it to carry tools or other heavy elements in jobs with multiple locations is also the cause of this type of theft.


Minimizes impact damage on furniture.

When planning to buy shopping cart, it is important to consider the design. You need to go for carts with curved shapes and no sharp edges or corners. Its weight is very small, one third of the weight of a conventional metallic supermarket car, which minimizes the moment of inertia of the impact.

The cart will also minimize the damage it can cause to customers or their vehicles, thus avoiding possible demands on them and turning the store into a safer place for them.


Saving space and transportation

The short fitting distance of the shopping cart (between 160 mm and 250 mm depending on the model), together with its low weight, mean that the number of carts that can be transported in a truck or container is much greater than that of other supermarket trolleys, greatly reducing transport costs and the space needed in the store to make a greater number of carts available to customers.


Advantages to the buyers

For many supermarket customers, especially those who are older, the shopping experience becomes traumatic because of carts are difficult to handle. This is due to both its excessive weight and the lack of proper alignment of the wheels that causes the car to advance at its own free will.


Comfortable. Light. Easy to handle

The carts filled with items are lighter than most empty metal cars. Due to the memory of the material with which they are manufactured, they maintain the correct alignment of the wheels throughout their useful life, which gives them high maneuverability even after many years of service.


Safe for children

The child' s shopping cart allows to transport seated to children of up to 18 Kg of weight, having passed the stability tests according to the European standard UNE EN ISO 1929-1 .


The child' s shopping cart that incorporates a child seat can be equipped with a safety belt to avoid any risk of fall or injury to the child. The child can get up on the base of the seat without the danger of falling in the absence of the adult.

However, it is also important to consider the price and the quality of the shopping carts when making a choice to purchase one for your business. The shopping cart price varies in the market today. You need to consider your budget but most of all, the quality is key!

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