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Precautions for Using Children's Shopping Cart

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There are many dangers in using a supermarket shopping cart. Especially when you put your child in the shopping cart, we often see the child falling off the shopping cart. This is very dangerous. The following content will introduce the use. What should we pay attention to in using a supermarket shopping cart?

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1. Pay attention to check the quality of the kid shopping carts, especially the quality of the baby seat. Check the structure, load-bearing capacity, flexibility and tilt of the part of the shopping cart to ensure that the car is safe.

2.Do not leave the child alone in the car; do not let the child stand in the shopping cart or lie on the edge of the shopping cart;

3. Do not put your child in the shopping cart alone. Avoid the danger of children's autonomous activities when adults are shopping.


Taking children to the supermarket is something that moms often do. What do they need? A stroll around the supermarket has almost nothing you can't buy. Because of this advantage, the supermarket has a disadvantage. A range of bacterial and infectious sources. For children's health, we must avoid the risks caused by it. What should we do? Let me tell you.


Use shopping baskets and carts properly.

Because the trolleys in most stores are used very frequently, there is no time to take care of cleaning and disinfection. The data shows that the coliform flora is 51%, the mold detection rate at the bottom of the supermarket shopping basket can reach 69%, and the mold at the bottom of the trolley cart is 37%. In supermarket open shopping, the selection may be transferred to food. Therefore, it is recommended to go to the supermarket to bring a pack of disinfectant wipes. Do not let children sit in the trolley, and cooked food should not be placed on the bottom.


Eat less free cooked food

Most cooked foods are placed outside without any cover. People who process cooked foods do not wear masks, and customers can pick them up by reaching out. These have become unsafe factors for cooked foods. It is best not to try free cooked food. Cook cooked food, sterilize it before eating, and eat it within 2 hours. Overnight or refrigerated cooked food must be heated before consumption to reach a food center temperature above 80 ° C.


Buy raw meat and frozen food last

Generally, in supermarkets, fresh food, meat and daily necessities are strictly divided to allow customers to buy frozen and fresh products later. Because the temperature in the supermarket is high, fresh food will thrive after thawing, and it will also pollute shopping baskets and cause cross infection. But in life, many people do not pay attention to the shopping order, first go to the meat area to buy something and then buy something else.

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