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No Dogs in Shopping Carts – Publix Enforcing Service Pet Policies

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For dog lovers, a bad news from Florida Shopping Law agencies has aired in the market that says, "No dogs are allowed in the shopping neither in the shopping places as long as he/she is a trained service dog and helps the disable person in walking". The rule is applicable not only on dogs but any pet animals.

On asking Publix Enforcing Service Pet Policies officials, that why this rule is being enforced, they replied that with an excuse, "it is for food safety such certain measures are being opted". This news has taken the trend over twitter and Floridians are tweeting about this new pet policy under the hashtags, “Four on the floor! #stopdisabilityfraud.”

Before this rule, pet lovers used to utilize certain shopping carts where shopping carts (supplier) companies, used to create a special place to make your pet sit in and drag through during the shopping. If you don't know that if this rule is applicable and being used by a certain shopping center, you can find it out by using special signboard that has a paw in it surrounded by a circle with two slashes around.

No Dogs in Shopping Carts – Publix Enforcing Service Pet Policies

The signboard states, that you cannot take your pet inside the mall as long as the animal is service assistance. However to take the service animals inside the shopping malls and shopping centers, there are also rules and regulations that you need to follow such as;

1.       First of all, the person should be disable and the pet should be trained to service him.

2.       Secondly, if you are taking pet inside the shopping mall, don’t make him sit in the shopping cart or the shopping basket.

When it comes to people and the pet authorities, and NGOs working for disabled people’s rights, they are showing mixed gestures but most of them are taking it as a positive measures because some certain studies have shown that pets and animals are prone to take certain germs and microbes with them that can result in affecting the food.

Injections, medicines, and other certain stuff is used to diminish and get rid of the pet-germs however, some microbes still remain inside the skin which can result in damaging the stuff that comes in its contact. What do you think about this new rule regarding no pets in the shopping cart; tell us in the comment section below.

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