What Kind of Shopping Cart Should I Choose for My Store?

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Choosing the best cart and shopping cart for your store is an important decision that can affect the average ticket and revenue at a general level. Shopping basket offers a wide range of shopping carts and plastic carts for all types of stores. Here is a guide to choose the model and capacity that best suits your needs.




The recommended capacity is between 54L and 90L. This explains why our bestsellers for this type of store are the horizontal basket with wheels Barcelona (54L) and the vertical basket with wheels Bond (70L) and Superbond (91L). As they are medium sized baskets but with a design to maximize their capacity, the buyer can purchase many products without having the feeling of spending more than expected. The shopping cart is also ideal for supermarkets, as it allows you to collect the items and is very manageable.


Large stores, sports stores, toy stores, gardening and DIY stores

We recommend large capacity baskets with wheels such as XXL (80L), Bond (70L), Superbond (91L) or Barcelona (54L). Thanks to its flat and wide bottom, bulky products can be easily placed and thus maximize the capacity of the basket. In addition, the 4 wheels contain double ball bearing, which reduce the weight of the load. The Snupy car (60L) can also be an option for this type of stores, since it allows you to separate the purchase and even extract one of the two baskets to place certain products that require more space.


Perfumeries, pharmacies or Para pharmacies

Being small products, a basket of about 10L or 12L will suffice. Especially for this type of stores Shopping Basket has developed a basket that with its oval design and aluminum handles give a touch of elegance to the store. In addition, its flat and closed bottom allows to accommodate smaller items.


Small or convenience stores

Because the buyer will not need to purchase many items and due to the size of the establishment, we recommend hand baskets between 20L and 30L or baskets with wheels of about 32L. Our hand baskets not only vary in size, but their design is also different: The Airport for more classic stores, the Great for more modern stores, and the Market for alternative stores or fruit shops.


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