The history of shopping carts

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Shopping carts types are diverse according different standards, but when the shopping carts be invented ?and who designed them ?below are the answers:


Invention: shopping cart in 1937

Function: noun / a handcart that holds groceries while shopping

Definition: A device whose concept was simple: make shopping easier for the customer and they’ll visit the store more frequently, and buy more.

Patent: March 15, 1938

Inventor: Sylvan Nathan Goldman

Criteria: First to invent. First to patent. Entrepreneur.

Birth: 1898 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Death: 1984 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Nationality: American

Since the birth of the shopping carts, it divided into many types according the different countries' people habits.such as Russian style shopping carts , American style shopping carts, European shopping cart, Australia style trolley.

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