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How to use the coin shopping cart in the supermarket?

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How to use the coin shopping cart in the supermarket. To facilitate the management, the supermarket has launched a coin shopping cart. Why do many supermarket shopping carts need coins to use? What is going on? People's attitudes towards coin-operated shopping carts are mixed. So, how to use the so-called coin-operated shopping carts?


The shopping coin carts we saw should all be locked, and if I want to use these shopping trolley, I must find a way to unlock them. First, prepare a one-yuan coin. If you don't have one, you can go to the counter. Find the locked coin slot, there should be instructions on the lock, and follow the instructions to insert coins. After the coins are put in, the lock will open and you can then push the cart to go shopping. The principle of the coin-operated shopping cart is the same as that of the storage cabinet next to the supermarket. After the coin is inserted, the lock is opened, and the coin can be returned after the lock is used up. Don't forget to return the coin when you leave.


The coin-operated shopping cart is set up in the supermarket for the convenience of management, so that everyone can put the shopping cart back after purchasing. Personal feeling is a good measure. In fact, whether there is a shopping cart, we must consciously return the used shopping cart to the original place. The supermarket provides shopping carts for our convenience. We must also make the supermarket easier to manage.


I believe that many people like to go to the supermarket. Every time they go to the supermarket, they say they do not buy anything, but they always buy a few things when they check out, because they always encounter discount promotions. At this time, we I will buy so many things. However, I don't know if you have noticed any changes in the supermarket and one place, that is, the supermarket and shopping cart. We all know that the supermarket is very large. We need a car or a basket. After all, backpacks are not allowed in the supermarket to prevent thieves. Therefore, the shopping cart has become a must-have before we enter the supermarket. However, the shopping cart is now locked and can only be opened by paying a dollar coin. So why should the supermarket's shopping cart start to use coin? How about it?


In the previous supermarkets, when people came to shop, they liked to push a shopping cart at the entrance of the supermarket. Some people really need a shopping cart to buy a lot of goods, and some children like to sit in the shopping cart There are also pushing games. There are traffic jams in the shopping carts at any time in the supermarket. In some corners of the supermarket, scattered shopping carts are discarded there. It’s very difficult to take care of the shopping spaces in the exits and underground parking lots.


With the popularization of shopping carts that require coinage, those shopping carts that have been parked randomly have decreased significantly. Not only that, we rarely see shopping carts blocked in malls. Generally speaking, everyone choose When I put a dollar to use the shopping cart, I still hope to get it back when I push the cart, because even if I do not take it, I will push the car to the parking place and get it. This method effectively improves people's consciousness, reduces losses in the supermarket, and reduces the work intensity of the staff.

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