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Wire Mesh Shopping Basket VS Plastic Shopping Baskets

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People are confused in choosing right one between plastic shopping baskets and wire mesh shopping baskets. today, we will clear the advantages and reason for both of them. hope you can make the final decision soon when you buy the grocery shopping baskets.

Why choose the wire mesh shopping baskets with handles ?

1. It is more convinient than shopping carts when you in small grocery.

2. All in high quality metal wire mesh, with handles and bumpers have UV added protection, long cervice life.

3. Ad panel and extra long bumpers can also be added to all baskets.

4. 1 piece 14 gauge heavy duty 1” steel frame design less welds can make sure it is fixed.

5. Dual precision bearing non flattening super wheels

6. All metal is bright zinc plated and then powder coated with color top coat 3 year warranty

7. Fixed welded lower tray less noise

8. Cart containment casters can be added to any make and model metal-wire carts

9. Carts are made in USA

Advantages of plastic shopping baskets?

YRUNDA plastic shopping baskets in red feature folding vinyl grip handles. Great high quality shopping basket for your store and supermarket. 

1. Any decor and superior construction conveys quality to your customers. 

2. The one piece heavy duty plastic basket can be molded with up to 10 colors. All plastic baskets, handles have UV added protection.

3. Areas for store name and logo.

4. Will not rust, bend, need welding in metal parts, and heavy duty design will not crack.

5. Free design offered as long as you requested.

6. Larger lower area welded lower tray for bulk products 50% more selling space.

7. Plastic shopping baskets with wheels is easy to pull, save the ennergy.

8. Plastic carts are less likely to be stolen and will reduce your loss in high theft areas.

9. Carts are made in China in reasonable price.


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