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Whether the rise of e-commerce means the end of supermarket shopping carts?

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The days of pushing a large trolley around supermarket aisles could soon be a thing of the past, according to Waitrose. this is a prospectation about the supermarket shopping trolley. there is an example for you:

The supermarket claims that shoppers no longer plan their meals in advance and instead prefer to visit on a daily basis. In the past it stores had around 200 big trolleys and 150 shallow "daily shopper" ones.

Now a similar sized store would open with 70 big trolleys and 250 shallow ones, it claimed in its annual Food and Drink report.

“Could this mean the supersize trolley’s days are numbered? If recent trends continue then it looks likely,” it said.

The posh shop also found two in three Britons regularly or occasionally visit a supermarket more than once a day. This group of customers said this type of shopping stops them overbuying and helps reduce food waste. Others said it was because they didn't like being tied to the fridge. The first shopping trolley was introduced in June 1937 at the Humpty Dumpty chain in Oklahoma to encourage customers to buy more groceries.  Waitrose's managing director Rob Collins: “Today’s shoppers exercise unprecedented control over when they shop, what they buy and how they consume it. “Our research found people have become more flexible in their shopping patterns, more price-savvy and more single-minded than ever before.

"For example a staggering 65 per cent of Britons visit a supermarket more than once a day on a regular or occasional basis.

"Over half of us don't decide what we're having for dinner until lunchtime; one in 10 of us will decide just before we eat. The consumer is in charge of their domain.”

Shoppers have demonstrated a growing passion and fascination with hunting out discounts in recent years.

This has been seen in the shift away from shopping at big supermarkets to discount ones like Aldi and Lidl.

Some loyal customers will even pop by their local supermarket to pick up yellow sticker discounts on everyday items in a bid to cut costs. 

Although the supermarket shopping carts markets are waving as the consumers changing habits, more and more supermarkets and malls rising in recently years with the people life going better. The supermarket shopping carts still have large market demands. 

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