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Warehouse Cart Trolleys (YRD-W1A )


Product Specification


Good reasons for roll container

 1.One format for everycase

 no matter whether you store large,small,round or square goods in roll container,it always has the same outside formate.In this way roll container ensure interlligent warehouse planning and efficient utilization of our valuable storage space.

 2.Protect sensitive goods

 Roll container helps to avoids storage damage and complaint like protective armor if prevents damage to your goods and transports fragile items quickly and securely.

 3.Flexiable warehouse

 Copying with changes in product ranges and seasonal fluctuations places maximum demonds on the flexiblity of your warehouse with roll container you can respond at all items.

 4.give your warehouse legs

 with roll container you move your goods quickly and with out any time-consuming shifting back and forth.In this way roll container save your time and money.

 5.To save yourself the trouble of reloading

 The move frequently you move goods in and out of storage,the greater the probability of damage to or less of individual parts.you load a roll container only onece in the receiving department and can then transport the goods through all warehouse sections doirectly onto the truck to the customer.

 6.Collapsible when they are not in use

 Nothing unnecessarly takes up so much spaces empty transport boxes.You're betterofwoth collapsible roll container.It's "squeezes up" in no time at all when they're not in use.And they can be used again just as quickly of course.

 7.Keep consignment staying together security.

 8.We are good at designing upon customers' real usage.

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