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Supermarket shopping cart wheels secret you do not know

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Someday, a friend and i went to the supermarket for purchasing, when we push the shopping carts on the elevator, she asked me why the shopping carts can stop well in the flat elevator, i was stun and shaking head. i searched the answer later, you will know why it happen soon.

You must familiar with the supermarket shopping carts, do you ever think why shopping cart can stop in the supermarket flat elevator well as right picture showing?   


There are three kinds wheels for the supermarket shopping carts.

1, PVC wheels

PVC wheel (bearings 5) (100 * 25mm) commonly used in 60L trolley, is commonly used in a shopping cart wheel configuration, wheel life is 6500km.

2, PU Truck wheels

PU carrying wheel (with bearings) 4-inch (100 * 25mm)

Good soft mute effect, load effect is much higher than the PVC wheel, the service life of 12000km

3, Elevator wheels

Elevator wheel (with bearing) 4 inch (100 * 25mm) 5 inch (125 * 32mm)

For the needs of the store on the ramp elevator store, the service life of the lift according to the decision of the trip, the need to regularly replace the forklift to play the role of a safe ladder.

Different shopping carts wheels suit for different occasions. 

Shopping carts wheels are easiest to wear,  change the wheels for shopping carts period can prolong the shopping cart life.  Elevator wheels can apply to American style shopping carts, wire mesh shopping carts, metal shopping carts, plastic shopping trolley and so on.  the color can be customized according to the shopping carts color. logo can make according to the customer requests.


Shopping trolleys with PVC wheels are normally for the supermarket without elevator. it can be made in universal wheels for convenience. 

Shopping carts with truck wheels are applied to  warehouse logistic trolleys, it can be made in universal wheels for convenience. for the shopping trolley distributor all around the world, knowing this secret is important for recommending right shopping trolley for their customers.  consulting shopping carts manufacturer.

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