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Kid shopping trolley can help housewife in baby caring

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For most housewives, they have to take care babies and household duties at same time, baby is a "big trouble" when shopping in the supermarket, especially baby needs more attentions than goods, so how to make sure the baby be safe, the kid shopping carts will help you.  if your baby is age months, then you should have a blanket on the car, then place the blanket on the front of supermarket shopping carts panel to protect his butts.  if his age is 4-7 old, then you can rent or buy a kid shopping trolley for him, he can buy goods as well as you, foster his habits. relieve your pressure.

We can arrange shipping for this item, please let us know your delivery address, so we can work out shipping cost. Go shopping at the supermarket just like Mummy and Daddy, with this Supermarket shopping cart. Buy your favourite groceries and treat your teddies and dolls to a meal of a mini version of the real foods. An assortment of 27 pieces play foods included.
This great supermarket shopping trolley has smart design to give littles many ways to play. It can be a shopping basket, a pushing trolley, and fold it to store when finish shopping. It's the most popular toy for Girls. 

Kid shopping carts features:
Suitable from 36 months
Bright and colorful
Made of non-toxic and enviromentally friendly matierial.
Easy to store with smart foldable design
Overall size of the trolley: 51cm(H) * 42.5cm(L) * 35cm(W)

Mommy and Daddy have concerns on safety, for children shopping carts made in high quality plastic and certificated by sanitation of nationality.  the sizes can be customized by kid shopping carts manufacturer under requests of buyers. most shopping carts made in high 


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