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Different Supermarket Shopping Trolleys Comparison

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Grocery Shopping Carts and Shopping Baskets are in stock at wholesale prices. Shopping Baskets are proven to generate more sales by making shopping easier for your customers, which encourages them to spend more. Retail Shopping Carts are durable and long lasting. Available in traditional grocery store cart sizes and smaller convenience store carts. Shopping Baskets with handles are available in plastic, metal mesh and even a basket that features wheels. Place several stacks around your store to encourage shopping. Specialty Store Services offers Grocery Shopping Carts, Retail Shopping Carts, Convenience Store Shopping Carts and Shopping Baskets with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  YIRUNDA not only offers the different kinds trolleys but also the whole trolley series, if you want to make your business be more easier and efficienct, shopping trolleys are your primary choice.

Unique steel gate design eliminates gate from dislodging from basket

Logo customization areas on sides and front - add $300 for first order

Heavy gauge oval tube frame

Fixed lower grill eliminates clutter

Modular design allows for easy maintenance

Steel components include manufacture written three year warranty against the spread of corrosion

Freight Optimization: 53" trailer will accomodate approximately 550 carts

Nests with Rehrig Vista. The Vista has a 14" nesting distance - ours is 10 1/2" for better front end space utilization


All shopping carts comply with the ASTM Standard F2372 and ASTM compliant child safety belts

All carts ship standard with "Thank You" on the handle

Retail companies are aware of the huge annual cost caused by the high index of shopping cart withdraws that happen at their stores. These shopping cart withdraws have several reasons that affect differently over the total cost.

One type are the sporadic withdraws due to customers which don't return the shopping cart because they take it to transport the shopping to their homes, which usually are located close to the store so the next time they go shopping they bring the shopping cart back. Another cause is to use them in condominiums to take the shopping from the garage to the apartments. Also some shopping carts are stolen by homeless people that use them to transport their belongings or by other people which take them to transport tools or other heavy items they use for their jobs at mobile locations. For all these stealing causes there are several technologies available that prevent the shopping carts from working properly once they surpass a certain perimeter distance around the store.

Shopping trolleys manufacturer can make sure the quality of the carts be best as said, we have technology to make the words be true.


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