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  • How long the Supermarket shopping carts can be used?

    Supermarkets shopping carts be used many times a day, its longivity is an important factor for many distributors to concern when they buy the shopping carts.Different countries have different habits on shopping carts usages, Asia people prefer to two layer shopping carts, but the European people like the high legs shopping carts, basically the longivity of them is same, mostly be 3-5 years for metal shopping carts, 2-3 years for plastic shopping carts.

  • What is the advantages of the plastic shopping carts than metal shopping carts?

    You must be surprise about the article theme, how can be the plastic shopping carts better than metal shopping carts? Yes, i am serious in this question as we all know the metal bear more qualiy heavey than plastic. however the plastic shopping carts China .

  • Wire mesh storage cages create versatile display for your supermarket

    Every supermarket need Creative display, also known as fancy display, vivid display or modeling display. As the name suggests that is to break the traditional means of display, add some innovation to traditional display,tricks, or special shape.

  • YIRUNDA offers you more than just a supermarket shopping cart

    There are many supermarket shopping carts manufacturer China, they can provide you with different styles shopping carts as you requested or designed, but YIRUNDA can help you build one supermarket with one stop-shopping.

  • Why choose YIRUNDA supermarket shopping carts?

    Today , i will show you guys why choose YIRUNDA supermarket shopping carts instead others.either

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