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  • Smart shopping cart has born with the time

    Japan is a densely populated country, the local supermarkets will basically be crowded, so many supermarkets are stepping up to upgrade the payment method, the introduction of automatic cash register for customers to pay their own.And recently a product called "smart shopping basket".

  • Shopping carts for Pets have reached in the supermarket

    Recently, a supermarket has set up a special place pet shopping cart with pet supermarket service for customers. The service began its trial operation in April 18th, and most of the customers responded well.In the supermarket, there are two kinds shopping carts in unique styles,.

  • The history of shopping carts

    Shopping carts types are diverse according different standards, when the shopping carts be invented ?and who designed them ?below are the answers: Invention: shopping cart in 1937Function: noun / a handcart that holds groceries.

  • What is Warehouse Logistics Trolley used for ?

    logistics trolleys are actually one of the most useful equipment that can be commonly found in the warehouses in different forms. Warehouse trolleys are the common equipments used in the industrial workplaces for transferring heavy warehouse loads in a quick and far more efficient way.

  • Trolleys Coin Lock keeps Supermarket shopping Carts from Stealing

    Nowadays,trolleys coin lock be used spreadly , Shoppers may be used to cashless purchasing, or even bring their own shopping bag, but coins will have a renewed value now , major retailers to roll out coin-lock trolley control systems. Where trolleys are not collected by retailers,

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