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  • YIRUNDA offers you more than just a supermarket shopping cart

    There are many supermarket shopping carts manufacturer China, they can provide you with different styles shopping carts as you requested or designed, but YIRUNDA can help you build one supermarket with one stop-shopping.

  • Why choose YIRUNDA supermarket shopping carts?

    Today , i will show you guys why choose YIRUNDA supermarket shopping carts instead others.either

  • Are there any regulations on supermarket shopping carts?

    Shopping carts are used for customers to buy goods in the mall or supermarkets, take care by goods reduction groups responsible for finishing, custody.A.Responsible members should restore the plastic shopping carts and supermarket shopping baskets to the designated location in time after the custo

  • YIRUNDA get the recognition from the customer-AEON

    As we all know the EAON is the biggest supermarket in Japan,the shopping carts of EAON using are all customized from the YIRYUNDA including the design ,logo and so on, we are pleasured to serve this powerful customers , and we get the customers praise finally after all these hardwork.YIRUNDA is com

  • YIRUNDA launched a Fire Drill All Staff Together

    YIRUNDA as a professional shopping trolley manufacturers with 17 years rich experience ,knows deeply about the importance of fire prevention .Fire safety awareness should be rooted in every worker heart. The comprehensive fire fighting exercise has been launched to improve the strain capacity for f

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