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  • Self driving shopping carts can improve the shopping efficiency?


    No more low-tech pushing is needed with the new self-driving shopping carts that follow the customer around. On Apr. 17, E-Mart revealed a new self-driving smart shopping cart at the Hanam, Gyeonggi Province branch of its warehouse-style discount chain Traders. The cart, dubbed "Eli," will be used t

  • Benefits of supermarket shopping carts


    The shopping cart is the most important mean the supermarket provides its customers with in order to help them do the shopping. This is why all plastic supermarket shopping carts such as the Polycarts, full of benefits, become very profitable for the stores.

  • Small Folding Shopping Cart Advantages


    A cool spacious modern shopping cart having a wire metal frame with a nice blue finish. It also has a back pocket, a long tilted handle with black plastic-covered grips, black rubber wheels. The smaller front double ones are swivel.

  • Personal grocery shopping carts selecting recommendation


    With the development of people life, personal grocery shopping cart has been an essential tool for housewife in European and American regions, shopping even becomes daily "job" for a housewife. as a good helper of shopping in supermarket, buy a professional personal folding shopping cart is necessary.

  • Grocery shopping cart or trolley manufacturing process analysis


    For the difference on trolley and cart, they are same with meaning only different in people habits. Cart or trolley manufacturing quality control must be strict and responsible. let's us see more and more detailed info. shopping carts technological process has high requests.

  • Electrical supermarket shoppig trolley brings a revolution


    Shopping carts for grocery has been born for nearly 100 years,the shopping trolley design and shape are same basically in different ways, there is a new invention about the shopping carts of mall, let's see how is it? is it really useful and convenient for our daily life in future?

  • Which one is your favorite supermarket shopping carts design?


    The shopping cart is a grocery store or supermarkets’ staple, right up there with canned soups and those little plastic clips that keep plastic produce bags sealed successfully. It's hard to argue with the rugged, outdated design that has become deeply in the retail experience, but there are still s

  • Shopping Cart Coin systems are season hot sale products


    For the shopping carts manufacturers, the only thing cares most is the market needs or demands from consumers, YIRUNDA is the supermarket equipment solution supplier, customers special needs are our products production trends, shopping carts sizes, new applications for shopping carts, new material

  • YIRUNDA offers you more than just a supermarket shopping cart


    There are many supermarket shopping carts manufacturer China, they can provide you with different styles shopping carts as you requested or designed, but YIRUNDA can help you build one supermarket with one stop-shopping.

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